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Who to Trust?

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Stephen: I think that everybody in this room who has worked with themselves in the way that this work suggests, knows that you can’t start trusting your body until you get a little deeper under the resentment or the anger or the hard physical response that initially is set up in the situation that is threatening to the mind in some way.  You can start trusting it when you start […]

How Do We Defend Ourselves?

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Stephen: You have been taught many things about life.  But one of the primary things that every person in this room has been taught is that when you get hurt, you must defend, you must fight – that’s a primary teaching.  It is, in a sense, the difference between a Christ-like Earth and a primitive Earth. We must together find an enormous respect for the fact that such primitive actions […]

Allowing the Natural Self-Love to Arise

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     We want this to be an experience for everybody of simply allowing the natural self-loving innocence to arise in a gentle way – nothing more or less than that. We are not trying to get people to believe in anything or to agree with us in any particular way; but rather, we want to unfold, gently and naturally, a genuine experience that is very simple, pure and elegant […]