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The Body, the Breath, and the Heart

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If we are in the business of defining, describing and insisting that we know ourselves in a conceptual sense, then the mystery, the shimmering beauty of our individual existence is lost. Attending to and not labeling is a return to the exotic, erotic and mysterious. It gives room for something to happen which cannot happen as long as the conceptual overlay remains intact. The initial goal of a meeting with […]

There is a Tremendous Power in Quiet -

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– and more often than not we do not allow ourselves the time to be still and to notice ourselves. And so tonight, let us dedicate the next few hours, with the sounds of the city around us, to a quietness which is utterly respectful, has no dimension of coercion and no particular philosophical precepts that we must live up to. We’re going to look at our lives right now, […]