Life is Not a Mundane Box


Our life is not the mundane box that we so often assume it to be. And we don’t really have the problems that we think we do. We have those problems only because we think we have them. Thoughts contain and confine space. They manufacture a substitute reality which takes place in the head. But there is movement, space and energy everywhere. In order to come to that movement, however, we must begin to recognize organically that we are standing at the edge of a vast unknown. Everywhere we turn is mystery.

As the tight constructions of thought begin to fade, we discover space. The reference points which were once used to create the architecture of a particular reality frame begin to flow away. There is spaciousness, openness and ease just on the other side of that wall we call reality. Through the experiential process of emotional self-care, we learn how to gently remove conceptual overlays so that we come to the edge on which we live and face the only true choice we have on this earth: whether to give in to limited beliefs about who we are and what all of this means or to stand in the radiance of our mysterious experience and participate in its unfolding.

If we decide that it is time for us to come to the edge openly and to warmly participate in this tapestry of color, form, texture and open space, then we have made a decision to radically reverse the world we have invented – to give it up. We put aside our conceptual notions of safety and enter into a surrender which allows the life force to live us and use us for its mysterious ends. We sacrifice our struggle and begin to relate.

The reality frame which most of us share has certain agreed upon assumptions at its foundation. These common agreements describe what the body is, what thoughts are, where we live, what is a human being and the nature  and purpose of relationship. Most self-help programs are merely different ways of dealing with these assumptions and the myths they create.

Emotional self-care, as it is offered here, represents a step out of the box and a significant reversal of the so-called knowledge that has been developed from within its confines. It is an esthetic entry into the real questions about life, but not an attempt to provide informational answers. It is a return to the realm of art, poetry and imaginative science.

copyright 1993 Stephen Robbins Schwartz

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