by Stephen Robbins Schwartz



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Finding the Willingness to Accept Ourselves
1987 Seattle, Washington
The focus of this program is finding our self worth and self acceptance rather than developing a belief system or philosophical concepts. This program create an inner experience in which perceived boundaries can be dissolved and the possibility for lasting change can emerge. Original guitar music by Paul Prappas.


A Dance with the Ego
March 1987 Chicago, Illinois
In dealing with the ego, we discover that it is not our enemy. When the ego begins to assert its point of view as reality, we do not have to believe or defend. We can accept our feelings without the ego’s descriptions. Instead of a struggle, this becomes a graceful dance. This three hour program includes a deep meditation which offers the listener an opportunity to feel the healing power of Divine Love as it seeks to reveal itself – even in the most difficult of circumstances.


The Spiritual Path,
A Tool Not the Answer

April, 1987 St Louis, Missouri
This series is about A Course In Miracles and how we cling tenaciously to images in the hope that those images will keep us safe. It is also about what it means to find real safety. There is no other issue in A Course In Miracles or in any other spiritual path. This four hour program is an unedited recording from a workshop in St. Louis.


The Body: Bridge Between Thought and Feeling
November 1991 Albuquerque, New Mexico
The process introduced here is a radical and effective way for breaking the habit of self criticism and self neglect so that we may learn how to take care of ourselves with respect and dignity no matter what circumstances may appear in our lives. The experience offered in this introductory series is inspiring and uplifting because it does not require that we strive toward some state of being that we do not currently have. Instead we turn toward our life exactly as it is and find there an energetic flow which has been held back for too long. This program opens the door to a very different way of understanding and working with our emotions.


Compassionate Self-Care: Translating Emotion into Energy
September 1991 Valley Cottage, New York
This program offers a graceful way to move from the confusion of emotional dilemmas toward a warm spaciousness which cannot be expressed in words. It is an entry into another dimension which is outside the reality span that we have been accustomed to for so long. Through the practices and understandings offered in this Part set, we can learn to take care of our emotions in such a deep and accepting way that they are transformed into creative energy, guidance and an expanded capacity to relate to ourselves and each other.


The Divine Friend

June 1988 Sacramento, California

The divine Friend, the living Current, moves within us as a gentle wave of warmth and waits for us to say “yes” to its Presence. When we misinterpret this energy as anger, anxiety, guilt or shame, we are resisting divine friendship. It continues to wait.


The Light of Infinity

June 1988 Sacramento, California

There is a Presence that has no beginning, no limitations, no boundaries, and will never end. If there is this” something” that is everywhere, that is the unutterable simplicity of eternal strength, then what am I? And what is this body that I inhabit? Is it a receptor for a melodic communication from “something” that exists outside of time?


World as Illusion

April 1988 Sagle, Idaho

When we become trapped in the idea of the world as illusion, as something separate from the great Light, we inevitably suffer.


Grace In Judgment

August 1988 Sagle, Idaho

Judgment is a defense against our own deep-seated feelings of separation and an attempt to suppress the surfacing of these very delicate feelings. It is a signal for us to turn toward our feelings with compassion and kindness. Our judgments become stepping stones to grace.


The Overcoming Prayer of the Heart

September 1988 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This recording includes a meditative talk and a devotional practice which allow the participant to find love in any situation that seems to be causing pain.


Behind the Armor and the Pain October

1998 Valley Cottage, New York and November 1988 Williamstown, Massachusetts

Some of us are extremely sensitive to our feelings and others’ feelings and have built up survival armor. What is underneath the armor? How can we use our sensitivity to live more fully? There is a way of being with pain so that we can hear what this experience longs to reveal to us.


Glimmerings of the One

February 1989 Seattle, Washington

Within each of us, though we have tried to dull it, demean it or call ourselves crazy because of it, there is a small voice insisting that we are not the body we inhabit, nor the world in which we live. This voice insists that while nothing around us in the form of relationship or circumstance seems to remain constant, there is one unchanging truth: There is only One and we are the glimmerings of this One.


The Process of a God-Centered Psychology

July 1989 Germantown, New York

Stephen discusses the process and expression of a God centered psychology and what we must recognize before we can experience true communication and friendship with ourselves and each other. A dialog follows which illustrates the movement of the process itself and reveals many of the assumptions that the process radically reverses.


Working with the Process in Everyday Life

February 1989 Seattle, Washington and March 1989 Sagle, Idaho

This recording is in the form of dialog between Stephen and psychologist Arnie Katz. Daily practice: Exploration of how we can bring the profound ideas shared in a workshop into the experience of our everyday lives. The invisibility of loneliness and love: When I experience a loss of connection in an intimate relationship, how can ideas about the Eternal be helpful to me? This is a dialogue about loneliness, relationship and the Eternal.


The Body: Bio-Cosmic Amplifier

January 1990 Valley Cottage, New York

We come to renew our relationship to the body, not as if the body were us, but rather with the recognition that the body is the place through which what we truly are flows and creates and serves. We come to remember our bodies as passageways where creative energy is amplified in the realm of human form.


The Dignity of Loneliness

February 1990 Valley Cottage, New York and San Francisco, California

Perhaps all that I know about myself, about my feelings and about the world isn’t true. Perhaps I have simply applied labels to feelings and experiences that need my attention instead of my labels, Perhaps, for instance, there is dignity, not shame in loneliness. Perhaps, for instance, there is great strength, not lack, in wanting. The second part is a meditation, the trinity of feeling, breath, and attention. It is offered as a way of working with any difficulty, under any condition.


Who Am I?

May 1990 Valley Cottage, New York

We all tenaciously identify with the belief that we are nothing more than our persona, a “little me” bound within a limited container known as the body. We have forgotten that beneath our personality is our individuality, existing as a unique aspect of the Infinite Radiance. Part two is an exploration of this topic during a workshop.


Sadness is a Gift of Life

April 1991 New York

Sadness can be truly nourishing and helpful to the body and the mind if we know how to cooperate with it. Sadness is not inherently harsh or depressed. When we come to our sadness openly, it is recognized as something we want, not something that we have to get rid of or push away. To allow ourselves to be filled with sadness, when it is naturally there, gives rise to a most delicate compassion for others and for ourselves. It can even be grounding. Sadness is balancing when we give it permission to exist.


Direct Self Awareness

June 1991 New York

The kind of acceptance we discuss in compassionate self-care is very different from a conceptual okay or a positive stroke in regard to a difficult experience. In our self-care work, acceptance is not based on an idea or a belief. It is a direct entry into the energetic side of our human condition and a release from ideas about what is good, bad, or indifferent. This recording, which includes several discussion, explores non-conceptual and unsentimental self acceptance as a way to break through the limiting habits of thought that we use to block intimacy and growth.


Pain is Not Healed by an Idea

August 1991 Seattle, Washington

This is an unedited recording of a dialogue with a workshop participant. It reveals how the understandings offered in the compassionate self-care process can be used to help someone transcend an “issue” of the mind without relying on analysis or psychological insight, to produce the innocent joy of release.


Beyond Betrayal

May 17, 1992 Valley Cottage, New York

This recording interweaves all the major themes of Stephen’s work in a clear and holistic way. Areas addressed are: desire for love, inevitability of betrayal, exposure of our wound, awakening that pain offers, risk of opening, return to simplicity, availability of divine guidance, answer to prayer, opportunity that life presents and what it is we take to death.


Emotional Healing

June 25, 1992 Valley Cottage, New York

When we attempt to define and make sense out of our feelings, we stop a natural flow. In so doing, the past is repeated and the present never discovered. The process of emotional healing is explored, as well as the nature of the visible and subtle human form and the difference between feelings, emotions and thoughts.


Angelic Guidance

July 2, 1992 Valley Cottage, New York

There is a longing in our hearts for something more than the surface and boundaries of everyday life. We want to know that we are guided and not alone in the universe. We have the potential to turn towards subtler realms and to regain contact with guardian forces, celestial beings that have a compassionate awareness of our existence and seek to assist us in our evolutionary development.



Finding a Nourishment That Does Not End

July 16, 1992 Valley Cottage, New York

We are fed life current by the cosmos all the time. When there is a holdback or a block, we experience pain and a genuine sense of starvation. Blaming this pain on someone or something else, or trying to deal with it through food, money, relationships or distractions, cannot fill the neediness we feel. What our hunger actually is and how we can be fed at the deepest levels is explored.


Turning Fear Into Creative Vision

July 9, 1992 Valley Cottage, New York

Stephen discusses how the energies that come into the body can be used to manifest a vision, a wanting in our hearts, or a sense of purpose in our lives. Fear can be either a block to that process or an energy of transformation. Included are practical ways of working with our fear while nourishing our vision.


Receiving Guidance: Listening to the Hieroglyph of Feeling

August 1992 Sagle, Idaho

When we start to experience our feelings stripped of names and past meanings, we have reoriented our focus sufficiently to receive guidance. This is a response to a question from a workshop participant who seeks to understand what a feeling, without conceptual meaning, really is.


Everything We Feel Is Holy

September 3, 1992 Valley Cottage, New York

There is an innocence in our feelings before they become conflicted by thought. Feelings are physical sensations. When we are willing give up our fascination with the past, with our explanations, our psychology and the tangle of thought, we come to what is known as grace. We can find the path to liberation instead of the endless repetition of the past.


Finding Our True Identity

September 17, 1972 Valley Cottage, New York

We believe that who we are is profoundly related to our thoughts, beliefs, images and judgments. but everything we think about ourselves is a distortion. The process of healing is one in which we cease to believe our own judgments about ourselves, even those ingrained at unconscious levels.


The Angelic Experience

September 27, 1992 Valley Cottage, New York and May 1990 Princeton, New Jersey

The Meditation: the angelic being, peering through the veil of our own illusion, does not see the human identity as being part of what is inside the head but rather sees a radiant glow, an omni-dimensional light emerging from the center of the body, the heart. The Dialogue: This is a sharing of respect for who we are, for what we can offer to each other, and for what the evolutionary impulse seeks to bring to this earth. Stephen discusses the nature of angelic dialogues.


Working with Anger

October 8, 1992 Valley Cottage, New York

We have been taught to overcome anger, to struggle against it or to “get it out”, to express it. But anger is not what it appears to be on the surface. anger obscures a deeper experience that we long for, that we want. Working with anger is one of the most profoundly important tasks we can take on because of the relationship of anger to the great love that we are seeking.


Blessing Our Life Experience

January 17, 1993 Valley Cottage, New York

Compassionate self-care is not about self improvement. Our life is an unfolding process and our role is not to struggle to understand it or to fight against it, but to learn what it means to actively and creatively cooperate with it. Stephen responds to questions related to physical pain and life difficulties; changing the “Why me?” question into the “Why me” prayer, the wounding in the subtle physical body and the role of the healer. This is the last Sunday talk given by Stephen before his death in March 1993.




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Visualization: Breaking Through the Illusion of Problems
book and mp3 CD
Problems are often painful. They appear to be based on a variety of objective facts, but in actuality, they are the projection of our inner conflict onto the outer world. The conflict is always between a belief in limits and unlimited creativity. Solutions do not come from making the dream more comfortable but from waking up to what is real. This book and tape use meditative experience and intuitive dialogue to offer a new way of approaching emotional and spiritual problems, a way that offers freedom and a deepened sense of peace.


Problems are the Doors Through Which We Walk to Peace
hardbound 117 pages
$20.00 available at
We don’t have to be afraid of our anger, our guilt or our pain because none of these experiences speak to us of what we truly are. We can take the so-called ugliness, this terrible sense of unworthiness, and bring it to the surface. We can look at these feelings honestly because we recognize when any of them are brought to the light, they are healed, dissolved, and changed, bringing release/ This series of essays offers those who are engaged in spiritual and psychological work a way of bringing acceptance and compassion to their lives.


The Compassionate Presence:
Meeting and Greeting a Love That Will Not End

paperback 324 pages
$20.00 available at
This is a profound and poetic contribution to the literature of self-renewal and spiritual growth. It offers the reader a way to shift from an intellectual relationship to spiritual teachings toward a process which leads to the discovery that everything we feel has wisdom not matter what we have come to believe. It reveals an inner approach that transcends self-defeating patterns and the belief in limited possibilities. This represents a synthesis of analytical psychology, Vedic wisdom and mystical Christianity. It does not offer dogmas but instead leads us to an illuminated discovery about trusting our feelings, without the restraint of prior definitions, so that we may be led to that peace which is beyond understanding.


I Accept In All Gratitude
Cancer, Crisis and Compassionate Self Care


No one can make it through this life without difficulties. When hard times come, the greatest danger does not necessarily lie in the circumstances themselves, but rather in the way we treat ourselves at the time. Nothing makes it more difficult to heal or to find the grace of peace than self-attack and the agony of self-doubt. Compassionate Self Care is a way of relating to ourselves and others in which the sacred nature of all experience is acknowledged. This inspiring story of Stephen’s experience with cancer offers a way to gain true strength from the very life experiences we fear. It provides a path that leads from the wounds that crisis sometimes inflicts to the warmth of self-acceptance and self-care.


Introduction to Compassionate Self-Care

This ebook is a distillation of the ideas of Compassionate Self-Care, taken from Stephen’s writings. Part 1 is a written explanation, Part 2 is a transcript of a public talk, and Part 3 is a meditation.


Angelic Dialogues (Out Of Print)
paperback 245 pages
This is the last book compiled by Stephen before his death. It includes a talk on the work of Compassionate Self Care and eleven unique dialogues and commentary by Stephen. The original foreword is by Arnold Katz, PhD a Seattle, WA psychologist, and the new foreword is by Robert Gonzales, a known and respected NVC therapist.



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