About SRS


Stephen Robbins Schwartz (1949-1993) grew up in a town along the Hudson River, about 25 miles from New York City. His father was in the New York publishing world and his mother was a social worker. Stephen had no religious affiliation, and his parents were more versed in Freud than the religions  of their childhoods(Christianity and Judaism). While in college, he discovered Transcendental Meditation. He took many meditation courses from the organization, although he did not become a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation Society. He obtained a Bachelors Degree in English Literature  from Brandeis University  and then a Masters in Teaching Degree  from the State University of New York at New Paltz, New York. There he met his future wife, Donna. Sons Benjamin and Will were soon born and they all shared a home in the forest that grew along the Hudson River in Valley Cottage. After pursuing a few jobs such as teaching in the public schools, adult education and special education, Stephen and Donna opened a bookstore in Nyack called “The Ben Franklin Bookshop & Printery.” They created a publishing company called Riverrun Press, originally based in Piermont, New York. Stephen was then able to fulfill a desire to publish and share a way of communicating with people that he had been developing for a number of years. He was devoted to having dialogues with people who were interested in looking at themselves in a deeper, more compassionate way. He hosted these dialogues during the years of 1985 through 1993. Stephen traveled to England, the tiny island of Iona in Scotland, France and Australia, as well as across America during that time. His family went with him, sharing in the circle of love that was created. They were golden years, and then they came to an earthly end — Stephen passed on after a year and a half ‘s struggle with lymphoma. He compiled his last book, Angelic Dialogues, in 1993 and it was published posthumously.

His widow, Donna, established the publishing company, Compassionate Self-Care Publications (cscpublications) to continue offering the writings and recordings of Stephen to the public, and will continue to explore how to make this work available where it is needed.

“We agree with what I’m saying and we disagree with what I am saying, but hopefully, it can be understood and appreciated that the spirit of what I’m saying is transcendent of the content. The content is the carrier and spirit is what gets carried. The spirit that motivates these words is the spirit of love and not the spirit of ideology, not the spirit of leaders and followers, but the spirit of a truth which unites and does not divide. I hope that these words are understood more as a whispering from the inside, as a whispering from the consciousness of our communal space, rather than as some informational structure that passes from me to you.”  –  Stephen Robbins Schwartz