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I created Compassionate Self-Care Publications to continue to make available the writings and recordings of Stephen Robbins Schwartz, my husband who passed on in 1993. Many people have requested his work since then and I am happy to be able to make the writings into ebooks and the recordings into mp3 format so that people around the world will be able to have access to this material in the fastest and most economical way possible.

I gratefully would like to acknowledge the following people who have helped me with technical advice, compilation, research and support, since Stephen’s passing:

Kay Haynes

Brian Toale

Ray Minkler

and my son, Will Schwartz.

Many more people have written and shared with me the impact that this work has made on their lives and that has inspired me anew. I am now considering and researching a Spanish translation of this work. I am looking forward to expanding the functionality of this website to help us all come together in our knowledge that compassionate self-care leads naturally to compassionate responses towards others.

with all respect for the Light Within,

Donna Totten

If you wish to contact me directly with questions or suggestions, you can use the form below:

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