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BB: Can I ask a question? You speak of a volcanic explosion, fire – all of these very dramatic kinds of words, and in my thoughts today, I was thinking that seems so related to a kind of therapy that speaks of primal screaming and so forth, and yet, what you are talking about is very different than that. I wonder if you’d speak to that? Stephen: I will and […]

Wisdom & the Deepening Trust part 3

When we are perfectly honest with ourselves – and this means an honesty that has in its undercurrent a feeling of compassion – we can recognize how deeply it is we yearn to feel a Love that does not change.  We want so much to experience something outside the boundaries of time that is safe.  We want deeply to be loved and in love.  We project this deep yearning onto […]

Who to Trust?

Stephen: I think that everybody in this room who has worked with themselves in the way that this work suggests, knows that you can’t start trusting your body until you get a little deeper under the resentment or the anger or the hard physical response that initially is set up in the situation that is threatening to the mind in some way.  You can start trusting it when you start […]

How Do We Defend Ourselves?

Stephen: You have been taught many things about life.  But one of the primary things that every person in this room has been taught is that when you get hurt, you must defend, you must fight – that’s a primary teaching.  It is, in a sense, the difference between a Christ-like Earth and a primitive Earth. We must together find an enormous respect for the fact that such primitive actions […]

Listening through the Heart

We’re going to explore the difference between listening through our conceptual filtering system and listening through the heart. We’re going to explore the difference between listening through the intellect, which is listening through our descriptions, and listening through openness. We’re going to explore what it means not to want anything from ourselves but simply to be, simply to accept. At the same time, we’re going to explore how this is […]

Journey to the Self

SL: I want to understand the fear I experience. I seem to need to control and suppress my emotions. I don’t want to continue to feel the need for other people’s approval. I want to feel the power within myself. Stephen: Be easy with yourself for a moment. I want to take you on a journey. I want you to see something in a way that you have not seen […]

Everything We Feel Is Holy

There is a question about our lives. “Can it be that there is something beyond this experience of change, something which loves and cares and can be depended on? Can it be? If it can, what is the purpose of all my concerns, all my fears, and all my need to defend or hold on? Is there something I can really trust beyond what I can see? If there isn’t, […]

My Life is a Prayer

Let us remember our body now for one moment. Let us remember our body. Here is the body. This is where I am right now. This is my body. Let’s allow the body to breathe in a very simple way. When we breathe deeply we feel the body and we let it relax. Here I am. I don’t have to be anywhere else. Here I am. Now is mystery. It […]

A Sense of Aloneness

Let’s consider for a moment our sense that we are alone. It is an undercurrent experience for all of us here. Let’s consider this loneliness for a moment without regret. Let us explore what it means to feel that we must live this life on our own, that we are autonomous, and that in the end there is nothing to rely on. Let us examine what it means to feel […]