Freedom and Form
Snohomish County field of Snow Geese

The human being can been seen as a mid‑way point between a kind of heavy density on the one side and on the other side, a realm of light, subtler beings, less bound beings, beings less oppressed by the weight of fortune and destiny, less oppressed by the weight of form. Humankind has been seen as a bridge between that which is very dense and that which is very light. […]

Experiencing Ourselves As Mystery

The goals of the world are complex. The goal of our spiritual search is really quite simple: It is to recognize what it means to be One. This recognition reveals that our experience on earth is shared. Nobody is alone. Even our fear is a shared fear. Our guilt is a shared guilt. Our longing to be home is a shared longing. Our release from the belief that we are […]

Wisdom & the Impulse to Run part 2

We can’t run away from our lives. We can feel the impulse to run away. We know in the ego interpretation, there is a very subtle belief that one can run away, that one can actually find a place in this universe to hide. When we think in quietness, when we think in a moment of safety, where there are friends, we come to a double-edged understanding. We come to […]

Wisdom in the Common Space part 1

The deepest understanding we can come to in an experience like this is that our life and who we are — once we have jumped the ego boundary — is an experience in Wisdom. Even prior to jumping the ego boundary, we can begin to reinterpret the ego experience and its difficulties in such a way that the experience itself becomes a Wisdom experience and not a barren experience. Our […]

Fear of the Future – A New Approach
NYC street

ELIZABETH: Sometimes I feel such fear of the future. It is overwhelming. STEPHEN: This is a common experience for us as human beings. It requires a very difficult discipline. I don’t intend to make this sound easy, but I do intend to make it sound very simple. The fear about what is to come next, the fear of the future is a mistranslation of a rich, creative possibility. You are […]


     We want this to be an experience for everybody of simply allowing the natural self-loving innocence to arise in a gentle way – nothing more or less than that. We are not trying to get people to believe in anything or to agree with us in any particular way; but rather, we want to unfold, gently and naturally, a genuine experience that is very simple, pure and elegant […]

Caught Inside Our Bodies

One of the viewpoints about ourselves which is commonly held, but often not examined, is that we are caught inside our bodies looking out. The identity is perceived to be strings of thought, memory, emotion, desire, ideas, beliefs along with a vague sense that something holds all these things together – an unseen consistency. The body, from this viewpoint, is the circumference, the outer outline of a person who lives […]


– and more often than not we do not allow ourselves the time to be still and to notice ourselves. And so tonight, let us dedicate the next few hours, with the sounds of the city around us, to a quietness which is utterly respectful, has no dimension of coercion and no particular philosophical precepts that we must live up to. We’re going to look at our lives right now, […]

How to Begin to Care for Yourself

The following expressions about the human body, about the mind, about the energetic impulse of evolution, are not meant to be taken in as information.  We don’t need to think about them as if we were in an ordinary classroom.  We take our time.  We sit with them.  We allow.  We move.  We stay easy and we don’t push to get anything or to understand in a literal way.This work […]