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The Body, the Breath, and the Heart
If we are in the business of defining, describing and insisting that we know ourselves in a conceptual sense, then the mystery, the shimmering beauty of our individual existence is lost. Attending to and not labeling is a return to the exotic, erotic and mysterious. It gives room for something to happen which cannot happen as long as the conceptual overlay remains intact. The initial goal of a meeting with […]

Transformative Communication
There is a significant difference between communicating from a position which is lodged in the thinking process, in the head and speaking from the heart. When the voice is arising from the heart, the words take on a tone or a quality which can be felt. When the content is also in coordination with that tone, there is a chance for an exceptionally transformative communication to occur. Allow the attention […]

Experiencing the Body
It is the purpose of our work together to experience something very rich and very intimate in the body. Now the degree to which we will be talking to each other is the degree to which we will be working our way out of our structural hold on the mind. In ordinary psychological terms, the emphasis is primarily on the way the mind is functioning. The basic framework of the […]

In the Symptom is the Freedom all Locked Up
AK: I’m experiencing great anxiety and I have a sense of what it’s related to. I think it’s related to my readiness to take a plunge, to turn from the conditioning of a lifetime toward more openness. My whole life has been atheistic or agnostic. I have not had a sense for most of my life that I am more than my body. I would like some help in crossing […]